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McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release – Scars – what you need to know

Surgery or traumatic scarring can cause pain or numbness in the scar area, or referred pain or lack of sensitivity in other areas not obviously seen to be connected to the scar. Scarring, from surgery such as caesarean sections, hysterectomies, appendectomies, knee replacements and traumatic scars can usually be helped by McLoughlin Scar Release Technique.

McLoughlin Scar Release Technique can affect scar tissue in the following four ways:

1) By reducing pain or by increasing sensitivity through affecting nerve pathways;

2) Scars often change colour to blend in better with the surrounding tissue, due to the increase in blood flow to the scar;

3) Scars can often become less indented or lumpy, due to the increase in fluid and lymph to and from the area;

4) Energy flow in the body can change as meridians can be ‘unblocked’.

With 70% of clients reporting great effects after just one session of scar work, why not get in touch and see if McLoughlin Scar Release Technique can help you!

This work can be done as a stand alone treatment or integrated into a Bowen Therapy session as well.

Thanks Alastair McLoughlin for creating and teaching this work!

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Safe, effective therapy for Concussions

Safe, effective therapy for Concussions

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Hip Flexor Injuries. Read how the Detroit Tigers star Miguel Cabrera could be back on the field faster if he had Bowen Therapy!

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