Foundation Training


I love using Bowen Therapy to get your body balanced, symmetrical and pain free!

Once your body is balanced (usually within 2 – 3 sessions!) I HIGHLY recommend you start this AWESOME exercise called “The Founder” (click link below to check it out) that takes 5 minutes a day!! Do it for one week and see how much better you feel! The Founder strengthens the back line of the body (also called the posterior chain) that so often gets week as we sit and work on computers. At the same time, it stretches the chest and shoulder muscles that shorten and tighten when we work on computers and work with our hands.

It really is an incredible exercise and I can’t say enough about it. You just have to do it!

So click on the links below and start practicing!

And then, when you are ready for more, you can search the Foundation Training website or YouTube for more free videos, or better yet, invest in their DVD and/or digital downloads for more complete, structured routines that will help build the strength that you need to live pain free! I personally purchased the book/dvd/digital downloads so I could start practicing immediately! The book is a great read about the theory of the work and has some great pics and descriptions of the exercises, but personally the dvd’s are my favorite!

Click HERE to try a Foundation Training video RIGHT NOW and start feeling great TODAY!