Hip Flexor Injuries. Read how the Detroit Tigers star Miguel Cabrera could be back on the field faster if he had Bowen Therapy!

Hip Flexor Injuries. Read how the Detroit Tigers star Miguel Cabrera could be back on the field faster if he had Bowen Therapy!

f your are a baseball fan, like me, you’ve got to be concerned over seeing Miguel Cabrera sitting on the bench instead of seeing him in the line-up hitting 4-baggers (that’s home runs for the non-fanatic!). Recently he suffered a hip flexor strain and could be out anywhere from a few days to 2 weeks. The hip flexor is a powerful muscle that attaches to the low back and the front of the hip. It’s role is to swing the leg forward when walking and running (it is also a MAJOR contributor to low back pain by the way!). When the hip flexor (also known as the “iliopsoas muscle”) gets injured, it’s either a grade 1 sprain whee the muscle gets over-stretched, with possible micro-tears, at the point is inserts into the femur (upper leg bone) or a grade 2 sprain where there is partial tearing of the muscle or tendon. There is also a grade 3 which is a full tear, but that is less common fortunately.

Conventional treatment is ice, rest, stretching and strengthening of the surrounding hip musculature. Recovery is anywhere between a few days and two weeks for grade 1 and 2 sprains.

Bowen Therapy treatment, with proper evaluation and assessment, can help speed up recovery thru its holistic approach to healing. Evaluation at our clinic begins with standing postural measurements, especially at the pelvic and lumbo-sacral areas, and observation of walking patterns. Then we analyze the body laying down on a treatment table, again looking for leg length discrepancies and pelvic alignment. Tactile palpation for tight myofascial structures and stretching and range of motion may also be performed to identify abnormal muscle-balance issues.

Treatment involves manual therapy to address imbalances in flexor and extensor muscles (like quadriceps and hamstrings for example), normalizing leg length discrepancies and an extremely effective Bowen technique to release the injured hip flexor muscle, without causing micro-trauma that often occurs with deep tissue methods like cross-fiber friction.

PREVENTION is still the key to avoiding this or any other injury. Postural screening to find imbalances in the body should be done for all athletes, ideally soon after the off season begins (hoping November after a World Series win for our Tigers!!!). Actually it should be done for EVERYBODY! Postural screening and body balancing is the key to maintaining a healthy, energetic and pain-free body BEFORE problems start.

Mark Rogers is an Advanced Bowenwork Practitioner with over 18 years of bodywork experience including Rolf Structural Integration and Neuromuscular Therapy, as well as over 10 years in Physical Therapy in the Beaumont Health System. His clinic is called Advanced Bodywork LLC, located at 1775 E 14 Mile Road in Birmingham. To make an appointment call 248-792-5618 or learn more at www.AdvancedBodyworkLLC.com.

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