Postural Evaluation – The Key to Lasting Relief

Ok — here’s what I want you to do tonight… stand in your underwear in front of a mirror and look at your body! (Don’t be embarrassed!). Look at two simple things… is one shoulder higher than the other? How about your hips? Good! If you see an imbalance it’s time for a professional evaluation! Heck… check your kids, spouse, significant other, mom, day, aunts, uncles, friends…the mail carrier even!!! 🙂

At Advanced Bodywork, the first thing we do is assess your posture in standing to see how your current state of symmetry and balance is. What we are looking for are simple clues like; are your shoulders and hips level, or is one higher than the other; Are your knees pointing straight, or do they point in our out, how about your ankles and feet? Does one arch collapse? Back to the arms… are they rotated forward? Or backward? Does your shoulder blade lie flat on your rib cage or does it stick out a bit? Does your spine look straight or are their curves? Is your head positioned over your shoulders or does is it forward? These are just some of the things we look at before (and after!) your session. We then may analyze your gait pattern for more clues in to why you have pain (We’re assuming you do have pain right? Of course silly, why else would I be looking at your website!!!). We may look at your breathing to see if it is efficient or not.

Then your body is also assessed lying down to look for more clues to the puzzle. Is one leg longer that the other, either actually longer, which is called a structural leg leg discrepancy, or functionally longer, which is caused by muscular imbalance. Are your hamstrings tighter than your quadriceps? Are your hips tight? And so on… We will also palpate your muscles to feel excess tension patters in the tissues.

Now on for therapy!!!! Usually we start face down and work on the low back and hips, spinal muscles, upper back and neck. But it’s also nothing we can predict until we see you live and in person, because no two people are alike! Heck, once I treated identical twins! They had mirrored complaints!!! (one had right side issues, the other left… boy was that confusing… but very interesting and fun!)

Ok… back to work I go! Get in and have your posture evaluated… BEFORE you have pain!

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