Safe, effective therapy for Concussions

Safe, effective therapy for Concussions

I have seen great results using Bowenwork to treat a couple of clients who suffered concussions. Both saw improvements in memory and headaches and noted improvements in focus/concentration within only 3 sessions. That is amazing! I think Bowen helps by “neuro-reprogramming” of the brain to allow healing to occur.

Car accidents, slip and falls, athletic injuries… if you hit your head, seek medical treatment first, then find a Bowen Therapist!

There is a fascinating article on the effectiveness of Bowenwork for concussions! I have included a summary and a link to the article below. We need to get this info out to the public and medical doctors!

Bowen as Sports Medicine – Safely Resolving Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS)

by Craig Mattimoe, 2005.

Top-line excerpt:

Over the course of 9 seasons, 33 medically diagnosed student athletes, ranging in age from 15 to 29 years, have presented with post-concussion syndrome for treatment. Thirty-one of the 33 treated cases (93%) experienced a significant reduction in symptom severity as well as overall betterment one-hour post treatment. Such remarkably swift responses are clinically important and imply immediate potential for therapeutic use.

Additionally, 19 of the 33 treated cases (57%) were fully asymptomatic within 24 hours post-session; 24 of the 33 treated cases (72%) were symptom-free in 48 hours; and 30 of 33 treated cases, 90 %, experienced fully asymptomatic recoveries in 72 hours.

Such collectively swift asymptomatic resolution of an incomprehensible and remediless neurological condition is not only clinically significant but also unprecedented.

Perhaps most significant of all, 78% of treated athletes (26 of 33) were independently medically verified as recovered by team trainers or doctors and granted official sports medicine clearance to return to play within 72 hours post-session. Each of the 26 athletes safely resumed impact sports with no recurring symptoms. In addition, the three slowest responding, most protracted symptomatic cases also recovered in what is generally considered favorable time.

Two of the 33 athletes (6%) required six days to fully recover and return to play and one of the 33 (3%) required twelve full days to recover and resume competition. All 33 athletes safely returned to play.

Steadily, over the course of nine consecutive years, whenever the opportunity to treat a PCS case presented, Bowen therapy reliably demonstrated the ready ability to resolve this incessantly recurring, poorly understood and widespread clinical challenge.

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