Targeted Treatments Yield Better Results

Postural analysis and assessments lead to better clinical outcomes, aka LESS PAIN! đŸ™‚

Pain is why clients come in for bodywork treatments. Very few clients come in and say “I just want to relax today!” Most people have an ache or pain that is hindering their full enjoyment of life.

One method I use to detect the source of the pain is analyzing leg leg discrepancies. This is similar to the way a lot of chiropractors assess. What we are looking at is how the spine functions. Is there a specific segment that is causing dysfunction? Palpation assessment to feel tissue tension is also used as a confirmation of where the imbalance is.

Once identified then using targeted release techniques we can balance the structure and re-assess to see if we’ve achieved symmetry and better function.

It really is quite a simple process. After the session, you should feel a difference. Easier movement, better balance, feeling taller and lighter, more range of motion.

It is important to get a lot of movement in the rest of the day. Getting up and walking, even just ten or fifteen steps, helps the nervous system recalibrate to the new balance your body has. A longer 20 minute walk is great too if you are able.

Come in and experience a session and see how better you can feel!

Have a GREAT day!


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