When I moved to this area from Ann Arbor, I was anxious to find what is thought of as ‘alternative’ health care providers.  I was leaving my trusted chiropractor of 15 years who kept the worst effects of my moderate scoliosis in check with regular visits and allowed me to continue an active lifestyle.  I saw an ad for Advanced Bodywork in Natural Awakenings magazine and out of curiosity, decided to give Bowenwork a try.  It was, literally, a life changing decision.  After a couple of sessions, I realized that my back never felt better. My lower vertebrae no longer "locked up." I could lay on my stomach without pain, and most importantly, I was no longer afraid that a wrong move would throw my back out.  It was a most unexpected but very, very welcome outcome.

Mark has also helped me with sinus problems, regaining range of motion in my left wrist after a bad fall, and dealing with running related injuries.

I have been to many health care providers over the years – a few were great; some not worth a repeat visit.  Mark Rogers is truly a gifted healer.  He brings all of his diverse expertise (Bowen Therapy, massage therapy, therapeutic exercise, Rolfing) to bear to address my physical weaknesses in a genuine and caring manner.  I give Mark my highest recommendation. I am confident that he can help heal your physical pain and improve your overall health.

S. Davis, Auburn Hills



I had been struggling with chronic low back/glute pain on and off for more than five years when I came to Mark's office for the first time.  I tried many different things to treat the problem, including chiropractic, massage, stretching and acupuncture.  All of these treatments helped to some degree, but not to the extent of relief I have had with Mark's treatments.  I continue to see him regularly and am very grateful for the diminishment of discomfort I have experienced under his care.  Mark is a very knowledgeable bodywork practitioner and I highly recommend him.

Ellen S., Birmingham


Six years ago I had sciatic pain in my left leg for at least three months. The treatment I got was acupuncture at this time in Germany. It was a long and painful path in my recovery. Now, I live in the US and, I got sciatic pain in my left leg again four weeks ago. I was not thinking to do acupuncture, chiropractic, massage or anything else again. I wanted an immediate, gentle and effective method to regain my body peace. I remembered a friend told me about a special therapy to align the body structure a decade ago. So, I researched online and looked for Rolfing Therapy… and found Mark’s website and Bowenwork.

Actually, Mark is trained to do both Rolfing and Bowenwork. This combination is so unique that he is probably the only person in the world who could do dual Bowenwork and Rolfing. However, the Bowenwork Therapy has some great benefits. Bowenwork is gentle. Bowenwork provided me fast pain relief and I noticed great improvements within a week. I learned the body balances itself verse the therapist forcing the body to relax and align based on the therapists preconceived ideals and goals. After two sessions I started Yoga lessons and could do all the exercises painless.

After three sessions with Mark and Bowenwork, I am balanced, recovered and back to life. I am very grateful for finding out about Bowen Therapy and for finding Mark. He is a great practitioner and has the knowledge, ability, capability, intuition, kindness and humbleness to heal and do business as service to others. Thank you!

Regina K., West Bloomfield


It has been almost a year since I saw you, but that is because you were so good!

I had started working in a new office that came with an uncomfortable chair. It wasn’t long before I had a constant spot on my back that was painful like a bruise. My mom suggested Mark, but I had never heard of Bowenwork before. Typically, I would seek a traditional, swedish massage for back pain, but was willing to try something new.

After the first treatment, I honestly didn’t notice much of an immediate difference and remained a skeptic. By the time I returned for my next visit, the pain had actually improved. After the second visit, the pain completely vanished. To prevent the pain from returning, I also invested in a balance ball chair and have been pain-free ever since… it has been over a year! Thank you, Mark!

Brandy J., Royal Oak


The results of Bowenwork have been undeniable. At first I thought it was a coincidence that I could sit, stand and sleep without discomfort. However, when I felt strong enough to jog, I became a believer! My sciatic, shoulder and knee pain have totally disappeared. I strongly encourage those in need of relief to explore Bowenwork, and to seek out Mark Rogers at Advanced Bodywork.

Joy C., Bloomfield Hills


I am so pleased to have found Mark and Bowenwork. His intuitive ability to evaluate and capability to heal are second to none. I had sciatic pain in my right leg for 4 months and had reached a plateau in my recovery from using only chiropractic and decompression therapy. I was desperate to be fully healed to resume my normal activities as it was even uncomfortable to sit in my chair. The first treatment was the most relaxing experience I have ever had, even more than massage therapy. I was surprised at how profoundly my body responded to the simplicity and gentleness of the moves. Bowenwork was the breakthrough I had needed. I have found complete relief from my sciatic pain from this therapy. Whenever my sciatica flairs up I schedule an appointment and have had relief after one session. I love Bowenwork and would recommend it to anyone looking for pain relief. In addition to the value I get from Mark’s work, he is a delight to be with!

Dana T. Madison Heights, MI


I had been having pain in my right arm at the elbow for a least a year. It hindered my ability to perform everyday chores and was very incomfortable during my exercise routine. The orthopedist diagnosed my condition as epicondylitis (tennis elbow) and recommended physical therapy. Not only wasn’t there any improvement, but it was more painful and sore than ever. After three sessions with Mark and Bowenwork, I was blown away by the marked improvement in my mobility. It has been a couple of months since my last visit and I am so happy to report that the pain has diminished so noticeably and I have days where there is no pain at all. This, I can handle! Thanks Mark!

Ruth S., Commerce Twp.


I am an artist. Painting brings me joy but also and lots of neck pain! At the beginning of the year, I felt numbness in my thumb. After a MRI exam, I was diagnosed with a displaced cervical disc. My Doctor suggested either physical therapy or surgery. I have already had PT for my neck every year for the last five years, so I wasn’t sure if that was the route I wanted to take. And I definitely want to avoid surgery.

Then I saw an article regarding the Bowenwork in Natural Awakenings magazine. I had never heard of Bowenwork, so I called Mark and decided to give a try. After the first two sessions, I just felt very relaxed but and my thumb was still numb. Mark told me sometimes it takes a few sessions to get the body balanced. After the third and fourth appointments, it improved a lot. It felt so much better that I totally forgot the about my next appointment… twice!! I am amazed by this gentle and effective therapy. Even though I feel I am cured now, I am continuing receiving the therapy once every two or three weeks for maintainance to stay in good condition so I can continue to paint pain free!

Lulu Z., Birmingham


Dear Mark,
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful change in how my body feels that I can ascribe to the Bowen Therapy treatments you administered. For the last several months I have been feeling free of any discomfort in my body – something I greatly appreciate.

I found Bowen Therapy beneficial from the very first session on. Several hours after the first session I experienced what could be best described as “lightness” in my entire body which – a condition that is still with me. After the session in which you specifically addressed the stiffness in my neck – a condition that used to persist for several days, sometimes even a couple of weeks – the stiffness was completely gone 3-4 hours after the session.

The almost constantly present light but noticeable discomfort in my lower back, and the burning sensation in my right hip, that used to be especially noticeable during the winter months, are completely gone. While I used to be extremely cautious when it came to shoveling the snow, lifting things etc. for fear of aggravating my lower back – I now don’t even think about any restrictions. After the last snow storm we’ve had, I shoveled the snow for a couple of hours and never experienced the slightest discomfort, much to my husband’s surprise and delight.

Remembering that over the past 29 years (since my daughter was about one year old, when I first experienced a pain in my lower back after lifting her in her stroller) I have been seeing the chiropractor because of persistent and recurring discomfort in my back, my neck, or my hip, I cannot ascribe this enormous improvement to anything other than Bowen Therapy.

I am very grateful for finding out about Bowen and for finding a therapist who administers it with such exquisite skill.

I am unabashedly recommending this marvelous therapy to everyone within an ear shot.

With many thanks,

Ranka M., Dearborn, M


I have been successfully treated with Bowen Therapy by Mark Rogers of Advanced Bodywork, LLC. Through many trials we have observed that if I received the treatment every six weeks, I don’t seem to suffer from any migraines. If I wait longer then that time period they return. It is a painless, very relaxing procedure and it works! I feel better about receiving natural treatment then taking powerful pain medications for migraines. I highly recommend Mark and his Bowen therapy for migraine sufferers.

Lynn G., Royal Oak, MI


“For me at 62 years old, I thought I knew my body” says Doug W. of Waterford. “Mark Rogers has truly shown me that I didn’t. He has tuned up my body like a young mans. I only wish I had found Mark sooner in my life. Thank you Mark Rogers.” Doug has successfully been treated with Bowenwork for chronic foot and low back pain and uses Bowenwork as his first line of therapy when ever over exertion from chopping wood of shoveling snow flares up his body.

Doug’s wife, Jan adds “I don’t know how it works, or why, but it sure works! My body feels great!” Jan has also been successfully treated for chronic foot pain.


Beth from Birmingham, who was successful treated for jaw pain, adds “I found my experience with Mark and the Bowenwork method to be an innovative, thoughtful and rejuvenating approach to healing.”


A friend recommended that I see Mark Rogers for therapeutic relief from pain in my right hip and leg, sacrum, shoulders and neck. I was bent over and experiencing sacral pain and muscular cramps at night and pain at the level of 7-9 during the day when rising out of a chair, walking at home and at the office.

Mark systematically worked on the areas. By the third visit, I no longer experienced any recurring pain in the back, right shoulder and neck. The weight-bearing joints of the right leg needed more time for me to align myself in good posture for I fell back into old habits of favoring the right leg and bending forward. Within 4-5 weeks I learned to straighten my posture when sitting, standing and walking. I am most grateful and appreciative to know I can turn to Bowenwork when I do something unwise and Mark can correct the alignment and relieve the pain.

Kay H, Bloomfield, MI

“A” Rating and Review on Angie’s List! (Angieslist.com). Here is an excerpt!

I had 5 treatments of Bowenwork at AdvancedBodyworkLLC with Mark Rogers. I had read that often it takes a few times to notice a difference. After the first treatment I felt more relaxed and had some relief from the muscle pain. After three treatments the stiffness in my back, which causes some mobility issues, was gone. Scoliosis on the right side of my back, has resulted in a chronic muscle spasm. As the practitioner, became familiar with my condition , this symptom pretty much disappeared. In the weeks following the 5th treatment, the “stuck” position of my frozen shoulder went away. After 2-3 treatments, I had mobility in my right shoulder that had not been there and after 5 treatments, had ease and flexibility in my back. It is difficult to explain the treatment, as is explained at the website, but the benefits are enormous. An unexpected surprise was a feeling of deep relaxation, that enhanced the feeling of my muscles relaxing. I became painfree, which I had not been in awhile.

B. Heitkamp RN, nurse case manager and member Michigan Holistic Nurses Association (MHNA):

I received Bowenwork by Mark, trying to rid back and neck pain after a whiplash injury in 2007. I have had many different therapies, relieving the pain for short intervals. After first receiving Bowenwork at a demonstration at a MHNA meeting, I decided to try the therapy and found Mark’s practice close to my home. Mark’s treatments have helped me to function without daily pain and also provide me with another tool to help my clients diminish their pains after auto injuries and enjoy life again. Bowenwork is here to stay!