TMJ Relief with Bowenwork!

TMJ Relief with Bowenwork!

Temporal mandibular joint (jaw or TMJ) pain is a very debillitating condition that not only cause pain when eating, but also can be a major source of headaches. People with TMJ pain also tend to clench their teeth and grind them when they sleep.

After 18+ years in this field, I (again!) am amazed at how fast and effective the Bowen TMJ techniques are. In the old days (aka “before Bowen!”) for treatment I would be use St. John Neurmomuscular Therapy to release trigger points (in the mouth) and Rolfing-style deep tissue techniques, which are very effective in their own right, don’t get me wrong… but often are a bit painful and I found would take many treatments to calm the tight muscles down. In Rolfing, done traditionally, the TMJ wouldn’t even get addressed directly until the 7th session.

With Bowenwork, I still like to take a full body approach to the TMJ, putting balance back into the whole body and especially the pelvis. People with TMJ pain often have functional leg length descrepancies due to pelvic imbalances. I often will adress these issues in the first session and get the body back to balance. And the calming, soothing, stress reducing nature of Bowenwork also calms the nervous system and helps chronic muscular spasm and tension dissipate.

Adults and children who grind their teeth at night will notice immediate improvement after the TMJ is released! I noticed earlier this year that my 7 year old son was grinding at night when I would check on him or when he would crawl into our bed at night. It took me a few nights of hearing his grinding before the light bulb went off in my head and said “you dummy… do the Bowen TMJ procedure!” Literally it took just one time and his grinding stopped! I did a follow up tune-up about 6 months later and he still does not grind anymore!

The actual Bowen TMJ techniques are really cool, gentle and simple. They often work miracles and people will see a tremendous decrease in pain a few days after their session. It often takes the body 3 to 5 days AFTER a Bowen session to feel the benefits, as the body starts to balance and heal itself. On average I have seen chronic TMJ sufferers start feeling relief in 2 session and usually see their problems resolved within 5 sessions (for less than the cost of a TMJ dental appliance!). Real good stuff!

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