VOILA – Structural Joint Balancing


Are you ready to try a new, innovative technique to balancing your body?

VOILA Structural Joint Balancing is a new technique that balances the keystones of the body to create better balance and symmetry. The keystones are in the ankles, hips, chest and head. They are specific bones and joints that are assessed and then corrected if necessary with specific directional, non-force techniques.

The real beauty of VOILA is that corrections are made in different postures and movements that are in need of improvement. It may be done laying down, seated and standing — but also is a “action movement” that needs correction. These “action movements” can be sport specific, or movement specific (ie. If you say “It hurts when I do this” — then you can be assessed and treated when you do that specific movement that hurts).

VOILA is a really cool form of therapy! I often integrate basic VOILA balancing into my Bowen sessions with tremendous results but you can also be do one-on-one VOILA sessions to really get specific and fine tune your body.

VOILA sessions are $100/each — but you can try your first session for only $60! (limited time offer – expires 11/30/2105).


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